Strainstall exhibiting at Bridges 2017

<<Strainstall is exhibiting at the 25th annual Bridges 2017 conference, at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry, UK on 16 March.

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The detection and repair of hidden defects in construction assets has become an area of increased focus across the construction industry, as new technologies and techniques make it possible to significantly increase the lifespan of infrastructure assets.

The ability to monitor infrastructure, detect problems as they emerge and proactively action repairs provides the ability to greatly improve efficiencies in maintenance management throughout the life of an asset, improving safety and reducing downtime caused by component failure.

The construction industry research and information association (CIRIA), in conjunction with Strainstall and other industry leaders have conducted extensive research into hidden defect monitoring and its application to bridges. The resulting guidance offers a definitive approach to identifying and rectifying a host of defects across different structures.

The guidance concentrates on improving the design of structures to make them more accessible, developing inspection techniques to improve defect detection and explores the difficulties that come in maintaining these structures.>>

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